Are Tall Guys Attractive? 2022 Update

Are Tall Guys Attractive

It is general knowledge that ladies love taller guys. I’ve always wondered, are tall guys attractive or are they just tall? Well, in reality, tall doesn’t necessarily mean handsome, yet the majority of women are drawn to tall guys. Perhaps there’s something about tall guys that makes them alluring to women.

Maybe it’s because tall guys are more masculine, stronger, and more capable of providing and protecting. Or maybe it’s because women don’t like to look down at their men whether or not they’re wearing heels. It could be because tall guys can reach things in high places.

Whatever the reason is, women seem to agree that one of the things they find very attractive in a man is tallness.

Of course, not every girl is particular about her man’s height. Some of them don’t really care about that. But an average woman typically wants a man taller than her, more so if he’s lean, dark, and handsome.

But what is the reason for this attraction? What is so appealing about a tall man that makes women find them irresistible?

7 reasons Why Women are Attracted to Tall Guys

If you’re wondering what makes tall guys attractive to women, here are some answers. They will help to explain why most women prefer to go for men that are taller than them.

1. It’s a Genetics Thing

Women are genetically designed to find taller men more attractive than shorter men. It’s the same way men find women with bigger boobs, wider hips, and bigger bums more attractive than those with smaller ones. There’s something about these features that excites a man when he sees them in a woman.

Women also tend to be attracted to guys with toned chests, abs, and muscles. Attraction to height has been a thing for ages. In the old days, height was attributed to strength, protection, and provision, and women were attracted to such features. Thus, making them the preferable choice to shorter men. Even today, women still find themselves drawn to taller men.

2. Tall Guys Look More Manly

There’s just something about a tall guy that makes him seem manlier. For a lot of ladies, shorter guys do not give this impression. While it may not be true that taller guys are indeed manlier, for some reason, ladies associate tallness with manliness.

Especially for women that are attracted to macho men, a tall stature is an essential feature for them. It’s just how it is with women. Height is usually one of the first things they notice in a man.

3. Tall Guys Seem More Capable to Protect Them

Another reason women tend to prefer tall guys is that tall guys give them a sense of security. It’s in a woman’s nature to want to feel safe around her man. A tall guy is perceived as stronger and more capable of protecting them if the need arose.

It’s an evolutionary thing, and it has been like this for ages. Even though, in our world today, being with a man who’s tall and strong may not guarantee a woman’s safety, women still find themselves pulled toward tall guys.

4. Tall Guys Make Them Feel Feminine

A girl wants to be with a guy that actually makes her feel like a girl. If she can rest her head on his chest and listen to his heartbeat while he wraps his arms around her, she gets an unexplainable feminine feeling. It’s also very romantic. It’s a feeling she can’t experience if he’s shorter than her.

5. Women Love Being Able to Wear Heels

This is true. And women like it when they can wear high-heeled shoes and still be shorter than their men. Women want a taller man even when they’re on heels. Many women don’t want to wear heels and have the guy they’re with look shorter than them. It can be weird.

A woman doesn’t want to be looking down at her man. They’re happier when they look shorter and smaller than their man. It feels even better when their man still has to bend over for a kiss while they’re rocking those heels.

6. Tall Guys Can be Helpful Around the House

For most women, having a tall guy at home can be convenient as they can be helpful with certain things around the house like reaching things from the top of the kitchen cupboard, or changing the light bulb. And if it’s too high up, a tall and strong guy could lift her on his shoulders to help her reach it.

Women find it attractive when a man can perform these little acts. It can even be a turn-on for some women when a guy helps her to get stuff from top places beyond her reach.

7. The Media Can be to Blame

The media has somehow influenced women to think taller guys are more attractive. We see it in magazines, movies, novels, TV shows, and even in commercials. The ideal guy in every TV show, movie, or romance novel is always tall.

Girls grow up believing this stereotype that even in their imaginations, their perfect guy is always someone tall, handsome, and strong enough to sweep them off their feet. It’s as if women are being taught by the media that a taller guy is the better guy.

There are Scientific Explanations behind Women’s Attraction towards Tall Guys

So, we know that being tall as a man makes you desirable to women. And we know that women find tall men attractive for many reasons. A study conducted in 2013 found that men preferred being taller than their partners but the height difference didn’t matter to them as much as it did to women.

The study was conducted over 650 heterosexual college students and the results were that on average, the men preferred to be three inches taller than their women, while the women preferred men that were eight inches taller than them.

Researchers have sought to explain the reason for the phenomenon. Here’s what they found:

1. Women’s Attraction to Tall Guys Can be Explained by Evolutionary Psychology

Researchers from Griffith University, Queensland, Australia conducted a study to find out what traits females find most attractive in men. The study which surveyed 150 women found that traits such as height, strength, and leanness in men were perceived as most attractive.

They came to their findings by experimenting with different full-length images of men to women. The researchers believe that the reason for these preferences can be explained by survival.

Previous research already found that women are attracted to men with features that associate with masculinity and survival such as height and muscle. You can view this from an evolutionary standpoint.

Before modern times, a man’s strength and ability to fight was a prerequisite for choosing a suitable mate. A taller man looked more fitting and more capable of providing and protecting. Hence, being able to secure his survival and that of his family.

An associate professor of psychology at the University of New England, Australia named Dr. Malouff, wrote a paper where he explained this theory stating that women are unconsciously attracted to tall men for evolutionary reasons.

Women have an unconscious desire to find a mate with whom they can produce offspring with optimal odds of survival. Tall men tend to be physically stronger than shorter men, making them more triumphant in physical altercations. This has caused women to perceive tall men as dominant.

According to Dr. Malouff, women from past times who mated with tall men were likely to bear children who survived to reproduce. This could be the reason why the women of our time tend to have a subconscious or conscious attraction to tall men.

Even though these days survival is not so much dependent on the fittest, these instincts remain profoundly, and it is a reason women tend to favor tall men.

2. Women’s Attraction towards Tall Men Can be Explained by Psychosocial Reasons

Dr. Malouff wrote about a second theory that women’s fondness for tall guys may be psychosocial. The idea of a woman looking up to her man may translate to her as more than just literal.

Women want to be with someone that can take charge and also makes them feel protected, and being with a tall man provides such feelings.

Research finds that tall men are often perceived as leaders, they tend to win against shorter men in an election and hold more positions.

Ultimately, women associate height with masculinity. Being with a tall man means she’s with a leader, a provider, and a protector.

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