Are Tall People More Successful? 2022 Update

Are Tall People More Successful

Are tall people more successful in life? The answer will fascinate you. It seems tall people always get the better of everything. For starters, they look more physically appealing and are often more sexually attractive than their shorter counterparts.

Ever noticed how in romance stories, the perfect guy is always tall and handsome? More so, most superheroes are tall.

Tall people are even more favored when it comes to sports. Also, there are height requirements that a person must meet before they can join the military and paramilitary forces, which gives taller individuals the upper hand. And in most situations, tall people are stronger than shorter people.

If it comes down to choosing between a tall and a short person of equal intelligence for a job position, the tall one is likely to be picked, even when height doesn’t play any role in job performance.

It seems like tall people have an advantage in almost everything, which could make you wonder if they truly are more successful in life than people with short or regular height. Well, based on statistics, it would seem that being tall actually plays a role in determining whether or not a person would be successful.

Scientific research suggests that height indeed matters in terms of success as seen in many situations where tall individuals are put at an advantage because of their tall stature. Studies even show that tall people make more money than their shorter counterparts.

Does this mean that tall people are smarter and more skilled than others? Why do they enjoy privileges even in economic situations where one’s height doesn’t determine how well an individual will perform? Or is success a package that comes with being tall?

What Science Says About It

Scientific studies have proven that height has an impact on a person’s income. In one study conducted in 2004, researchers found that the taller a person is, the more money they earn.

In that study, it was revealed that someone who is at least 6 feet tall would predictably earn close to $166,000 more throughout a 30-year career than someone who is 5’5’’ tall, irrespective of their gender.

As published in the British Medical Journal, another study found that size and stature matter when it comes to success in different areas in life. According to the study, short or fat people are fated to have less success in life. It is unlikely that a short or fat person would have a good education, a good job, or even a good standard of living.

The study which was conducted by genetics at the University of Exeter Medical School relates high Body Mass Index (BMI) and short stature as causes of lower socioeconomic status. The study assessed people based on education, employment, income, and deprivation by studying 396 genetic variants associated with height, and 69 variants associated with BMI.

They discovered that shorter stature, particularly in men, resulted in lower levels of education, lower employment status, and lesser income. On the other hand, high BMI, especially in women, led to lesser income and increased deprivation.

Professor Timothy Frayling who oversaw the study commented that if you took a thin woman, made her a stone heavier, and sent her through life with the same background, same CV, and same intelligence, she would be financially worse off by £1,500 per year. Likewise, if you took a man who was 5’10” and made him 5’7”.

The study goes further to say that a genetically determined single standard deviation in height of 6.3cm increases the odds of having a good education by 25 and the odds of acquiring employment in a skilled profession by 12. Thus, increasing yearly household income by £1,130.

Why Being Tall Has an Impact on One’s Income

In essence, the study claims that tall people have a better chance of acquiring a good education and securing professional jobs, but it doesn’t answer the question of how being tall reflects on a person’s salary, or how and why does being as little as an inch taller make you earn more money?

However, the research states that the reason that height is economically beneficial could be associated with self-confidence, increased intelligence, stigma, and positive discrimination.

The research cited that discrimination against shorter and overweight people applying for jobs is a possible reason why men with a shorter stature and women with a higher BMI have lower incomes.

In other words, tall people are likely to be more successful because of social perception. Society tends to view tall people from a positive aspect. If a person is tall, it is assumed that they have other good qualities, and are more competent. Hence, they are handed more opportunities.

Can Tall People’s Successes Be Attributed to Genetics?

Another scientific research headed by Jun Wang of the Renmin University of China sought to provide answers as to what makes being tall an economic advantage.

Tests were conducted using data from over 3,500 Chinese adults to find out whether height was associated with increased annual income, and if positive, whether genetics might be the cause.

The research found evidence that proved the claim to be true but found no evidence to prove that genetics were to blame. According to the research, being one centimeter taller meant an estimated increase of 1.30% in annual income.

When genetic testing was used to examine whether a person’s genes had anything to do with the impact that height has on their income, or whether other factors such as social perception and environmental influences were the cause, the research gets interesting.

The researchers discovered that the same genes responsible for increased height were also responsible for increased cognitive ability and a lower risk of depression.

But, while there is a chance that tall people earn more income because of their higher cognitive ability, it is unlikely that genetics could be solely responsible for the disparity in income between tall people and those of regular or shorter height.

So, the researchers concluded that this income disparity could be the result of some environmental factors. They explained that individuals who were brought up in healthy and constructive environments are taller, brighter, and more successful than those whose foundations lie in unhealthy, impoverished, and destructive environments.

Scientific Theories That Explain Why Tall People Are Successful

There are some interesting theories that researchers have proposed to try and explain what makes tall people successful.

Theory One

The first theory states that tall people become successful because of all the social skills they acquired as adolescents. The research was carried out on 4,000 white males.

Analysis was made based on data such as their height at different ages and how much they earned in their 30s. It was discovered that their height between ages 16 and 23 indeed predicted their income in their 30’s.

The researchers established that what connects height during adolescence with success during adulthood is the fact that taller teens tend to participate more in social activities such as sports, parties, and dating. This enables them to build adaptability in the social sphere, thus helping them to become successful in the future.

Theory Two

The second theory is that tall people are smarter. To support this theory, tests were conducted on three-year-olds, to figure out whether height had anything to do with intelligence. The three-year-olds were made to identify pictures or different words. The result was that the three-year-olds who did significantly better were taller.

Theory Three

The third theory is that taller individuals were better fed as kids. Researchers found that nutrition does impact height. They found that a height above average is likely the result of good nutrition. Good nutrition can make a person taller as well as increase their cognitive ability, and when combined with social skills, you have a recipe for success.

Theory Four

The fourth theory is based on bias. Tall people are viewed as more capable to lead. We have a picture in our minds of what a leader is supposed to look like. A suitable leader has always been assumed to be tall, big, and strong with the ability to command respect.

According to this theory, it’s been like that since the beginning of mankind. Even today, this is a quality that many companies seek in their employees. Because we still see a taller individual as more leader-like than someone shorter, being tall becomes an advantage in the business world.

Final Thoughts

All things being equal, tall people have a greater advantage when it comes to success. Similar results from several scientific research prove that it is a fact that tall people are more successful. But is it so with every tall person in the world?

In reality, it takes a lot more than having a tall stature to become successful. Surely, being tall is a perk that can pave way for an individual, but it doesn’t singularly guarantee that individual’s success. Otherwise, every tall person would be successful.

At the end of the day, success is achieved from a combination of different factors. If a tall person wants to rely entirely on their height to achieve success, then they’re in for failure. On the other hand, if you’re a not-so-tall individual and you think that because of that, you’re not going to succeed, you’re wrong.

There are a lot of short and average height people in the world who are remarkably successful. Ultimately, knowledge, hard work, and determination could help you become successful regardless of height.

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