10 Day To Day Struggles Of Being Tall 2022

Day To Day Struggles Of Being Tall

Being tall can come with its fair share of struggles. People often associate being tall with having a large presence and feeling confident as a result, but the reality is that being tall can also be awkward at times.

Whether it’s struggling to find clothes that fit or leaving an air gap between your head and the car ceiling when you drive, there are some downsides to being taller than average.

Don’t believe us? Read on for some of the day-to-day struggles of being tall and see if any of these crack you up too…

10 Day To Day Struggles Of Being Tall

Getting Constantly Guessed at for Being Older or Younger

If you’re a tall guy, you’ve probably had some variation of this conversation at least once in your life: The topic of age comes up, and someone asks you how old you are. You respond with your actual age, but the other person mistakenly assumes that you’re much younger or older than you actually are.

If you’re lucky, you might be mistaken for being younger, but this is much less common, especially as you get older.

Finding Clothes and Shoes That Fit Can Be a Struggle

Finding clothes that fit is a struggle for everyone, but when you’re tall it can be that much more frustrating. Oftentimes, you can find t-shirts or button-down shirts that fit your body perfectly, but the sleeves are far too short.

You can find pants that fit perfectly around your waist, but the inseam is far too short. You can find shoes that you like but don’t fit perfectly with your feet, and the same goes for gloves and winter jackets. Winter jackets are the worst because they often have sleeves that are too short, so they don’t come down far enough to fully cover your wrists.

The best way to solve this problem? Shop online. A lot of online retailers have a “tall” section, which means that they carry clothes and shoes that are designed to fit taller people.

You Regularly Hit Your Head on Stuff

Being tall means that you have to be extremely careful when walking under low-hanging branches or walking under doorframes. Walking under low-hanging branches can result in getting slapped in the face with a branch, which is super annoying and painful. You always have to walk with your head up and eyes focused on the path in front of you.

You also have to be careful when you’re walking through doorframes: You have to walk through the doorway at an angle and bend down at the waist so your head doesn’t hit the frame.

People Are Always Asking If You Play Basketball

A common misconception is that all tall people play basketball. If you’re a tall person, you’ll likely be asked this question many times. It’s a symptom of being tall. Considering some basketball players are actually above average height, it’s just a silly question.

Sometimes, it’s a simple misunderstanding and sometimes, people might ask you this question because they’re trying to make a joke about you. If you’re around the 6’2 mark, don’t be surprised if people ask you if you play basketball all the time!

The Struggle Is Real When It Comes to Public Transport

Being tall can make traveling on public transport a bit of a nightmare. From the moment you walk towards the bus or train, you know that you’re going to have to duck your head to get through the entrance without hitting it.

The same can be said for the moment you leave the train/bus; you know you’ll have to duck your head again. Not only that, but the seats are often small and uncomfortable for someone of your height. It’s not uncommon for tall people to have to scrunch their legs up to fit them in the seat.

If you’re a tall person, you know that traveling by plane can also be a bit of a challenge. You might have to cuddle up in the plane seat if they’re small enough, or you might be lucky to get a seat where you have leg room.

If you’re tall, it might be a good idea to book a seat as close to the front of the plane as possible, as this is where the leg room is often better.

The Struggle to Find Beds and Other Furniture That Fit

If you’re a tall person, you know the struggle of trying to find a bed or chair that is long enough for you. If you go to a regular furniture store, the beds and chairs are probably made for people who are 5’6’’ or shorter.

Being 6’6’’ or taller means you’re unlikely to find a bed that’s long enough for you. That’s why many tall people prefer to shop at big and tall furniture stores. These stores are specifically designed to cater to people who are 6’0’’ or taller.

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The Struggle to Find Exercise Equipment That Fit

If you’re into fitness and enjoy working out at home, you’ve likely noticed that you can’t use most fitness equipment featured in fitness magazines. You can’t use a bench press, for example, because it’s not long enough for your body. Even if you’re able to find an exercise machine that’s long enough for you, you’ll probably have a hard time using it and getting a good workout.

Exercise machines are made for people who are 5’6’’ or shorter. If you’re 6’6’’ or taller, you’ll have a very hard time using these machines. The handles and weights will be in a bad position for your body. You’d be better off buying a custom-made machine that’s designed for people who are 6’0’’ or taller.

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Having to Bend Down in Public Places

If you’re 6’0’’ or taller, you know that you have to bend down a lot more often than shorter people. This is especially true in public places where you have to bend down to interact with things like vending machines and library checkouts.

Being tall means you have to bend down more often because the things that are designed for shorter people don’t work for you. The buttons and switches on automatic doors, for example, are usually designed for people who are 5’6’’ or shorter. That means you have to bend down to push the button to get through the door.

People-Watching Can Be Awkward

If you’re sitting in an area where there are lots of people around you, you’ll be the one who gets noticed the most. You’ll be the one who casts an oversized shadow over the people sitting next to you. You’ll be the one who makes everyone feel uncomfortable.

People-watching is something that everyone does, but it can be especially awkward if you’re tall because you’re casting a bigger shadow than most people do.

Tall People Are the Butt of Many Jokes and Nicknames

Being tall is one of the first things people notice about you, and they may make a joke out of it. If you’re tall, you might be used to people making jokes about basketball, insect legs, or giant creatures.

If you’re 6’0’’ or taller, you’ve likely heard a few tall people nicknames in your lifetime. Being tall can also bring on some nicknames, like “beanpole”, “giant”, “shrimp”, or “tot”. Even if some of these nicknames are meant to be positive (like “giant”), they can still feel offensive to some people.

If you’re ever called a bad nickname, you can always try to turn it into a positive. You could respond by saying something like, “I prefer giant.”

Some people will try to make fun of your height from time to time, but you don’t need to let it get to you. It’s important to remember that it’s just a joke and that they’re probably just being silly. Being tall is a great thing, and it comes with its advantages.


Being tall comes with its own set of challenges, both physically and mentally but it’s also something that can come with lots of advantages. You can reach things that shorter people can’t, and you can often make a good first impression due to your confident presence.

While it can be a lot of fun to be tall, you might sometimes find yourself hitting your head when walking through doorframes, always being asked if you play basketball, or even just struggling to find clothes that fit well. Don’t let these minor inconveniences get you down!

Thankfully, most of these struggles can be overcome with some creativity and determination. You can choose to deal with being tall in a positive manner and use your tall stature as an advantage and stand out from the crowd. You’ve got this!

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