Facts About Tall People In 2022

Facts about Tall People

Society’s positive perception of tall people along with all the benefits that science accrues to having greater height would make almost anyone wish they were taller. Tall people easily stand out in the crowd. They can easily reach things that are high up. Tall people are seen as more attractive. Tall people are mostly stronger. All of these are nice perks that come with being tall.

But it’s not all roses. Having greater height also comes with some challenges. For example, tall people may encounter problems trying to find beds, chairs, cars, or gym equipment suitable for their height. They are more likely to suffer from injuries and back pains. And as a young and tall person, people might tell jokes about your height and give you nicknames such as Moniker or Sasquatch.

Research has found that height can impact our lives in more ways than we know, whether physically, biologically, psychologically, socially, or economically. We’ve brought to you some interesting facts about tall people.

Here Are 15 Facts about Tall People That will Interest You.

1. Tall People Are More Successful

Believe it or not, the most successful people in the world are tall. Practically, it takes a combination of different factors to acquire success in life rather than a single factor, what more, something as simple as height. But multiple studies have found that having a tall stature increases a person’s odds of success.

Tall people on average, have higher educational degrees, better professional jobs, hold higher positions at their jobs, and earn more money than shorter people, making them more successful in life.

2. Tall People Are Stronger

Studies have also proven that tall people are stronger. This is explained by the fact that tall people have longer limbs and heavier bone mass which makes them stronger. Having longer limbs is an advantage because it gives you leverage when lifting heavy weights to allow you to build muscles which makes you stronger.

3. Tall People Are More Self-Confident

Apparently, being tall boosts confidence. Tall people are not only viewed as confident, they look and act confident. Research proves that tall people display more confidence than short people. Probably because the positive reception they get from society makes them more comfortable and relaxed around other people.

4. Tall People Are Likely To Have a Higher IQ

Science says that if you’re tall, there’s a slight chance that you might be smarter than your shorter counterparts. According to research, the same genes responsible for height are also responsible for cognitive function. When tested, researchers found a correlation between increased height and higher intelligence.

5. Tall People Live Happier Lives

Tall people are happier – science says. If all the stats are true, then this shouldn’t be a surprise. If tall people are viewed more positively in society, are more attractive, are more confident, are smarter, get better professional jobs, and earn better salaries, then it only makes sense that they are happier.

6. Tall People Have a Holiday

February 11 is recognized as International Hug a Tall Person day. It is one day of the year when people are celebrated for their height. The origin of the holiday can be traced back to 2011 when a Facebook group with over a million followers worldwide declared the day a holiday, and it has stuck since then. Also, June 21st is known as Tall People Day.

7. Tall People Are Likely to Go Into Creative and Artistic Professions

Researchers studied the reason why tall people are likely found in the creative and artistic professions. They explain that it is because tall people often feel the need to be appreciated for their minds rather than their stature.

The desire to prove themselves often draws them to such fields where they can express their creativity and artistry. This assures that they get recognized for their intellectual abilities and skills and not just for being tall.

8. Tall People Are More Attractive in the Human Perception

Research reveals that people find tall individuals to be more attractive than short individuals. Furthermore, women are more attracted to tall men. This fact is pretty obvious. Women find taller men to be more attractive and masculine than shorter men. One study of online dating found that men who are 6 feet and over get almost twice as many clicks compared to men of shorter height.

9. Tall People Have Lower Health Risks

Studies found that being tall can be advantageous to your health. According to scientific findings, taller people are at a lower risk of heart disease, gout, stroke, and tuberculosis than their shorter counterparts. They are even at lower risk of accidents, depression, and suicide than short people.

10. Tall Men Have More Dates

Studies show that taller men are more successful in finding dates. A study from the University of Utah reveals that taller men are likely to score more dates beginning from their teens.

11. Tall People Make Effort to Be Nicer

A downside to being tall is that you can unintentionally appear to be imposing. Research reveals that tall people are afraid to appear aggressive. Because their height and weight can make them look intimidating, they often try to be gentle and nice around people that are shorter so as not to come off as domineering.

12. The Dutch Are the World’s Tallest

Based on the stats, the tallest people in the world are from Netherland. Dutchmen have an average height of 6 feet, while Dutch women have an average height of 5 feet, 6.5 inches. On the other hand, countries with the shortest people include Bolivia, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

America used to hold the title of the country with the world’s tallest people with an average height of 5 feet 9 inches and close to 5 feet 4 inches for men and women respectively.

13. Genes Are Not Entirely Responsible for Height

Science says that genes are not the only determinants of height. Having tall parents do not ultimately make you tall. According to research, only 70% of height can be influenced by genetics, the rest is influenced by environmental factors such as early childhood nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy nutrition along with healthy physical activities can have a positive impact on your health.

14. Tall People Have Slower Reflexes

Another interesting fact to mention is that tall people have slightly slower reflexes than short people. Even though the bodily reactions that control reflexes are hardly noticeable because of how fast they move, they still require time to deliver.

If you’re taller, signals will have a longer distance to travel through your nervous system and deliver. So, your reflexes will be slower. Again, the difference in speed is hardly perceivable but it’s there.

15. Tall People Have a Greater Risk of Developing Cancer

Research says that if you’re tall, you’re at a greater risk of developing cancer. This risk increases with height. In a study that examined the medical records of more than a million tall British women, it was found that the women who had a 37% greater risk of cancer were the tallest. So, the taller you are, the greater your risk of becoming cancerous.

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