How to Deal With Being Tall 2022

How to Deal With Being Tall

Being tall can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you get to tower over almost everyone else, granting you an air of authority and making you a perfect candidate for any basketball team out there.

On the other hand, being tall also comes with its fair share of issues as well. Being tall can be a challenge, especially if you’re dealing with other people around you who are shorter than you.

Tall people often have to deal with social awkwardness that most others cannot relate to. From school locker rooms to movie theater seats – being tall can often prove to be inconvenient at best and downright embarrassing at worst.

Being so much taller than everyone around you means having to get your haircut more frequently, buy new types of clothes that fit your long limbs better, and find a new circle of friends who are all as tall as you are.

There is also the common problem of finding desks in school or office spaces where your head hits the top of it – not fun! But there are certainly ways to deal with being tall no matter what challenges come your way.

Let’s explore some ways that might help you deal with being tall and feel more confident about your height.

8 Emotional Strategies to Deal with Being Tall

Acceptance Is Key

Even though it’s not always easy, the first thing you need to do is to accept the fact that you are a tall person. You will never be able to feel confident and happy about being tall if you don’t first just accept that this is how you’re built.

Some people are naturally taller than others and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t change your height no matter what you do so you might as well accept that you’re destined to be tall and learn to embrace it.

Be Proud of Your Height

Being proud of your height is a sure way to let go of any insecurities you might have about it. If you’re not proud of your height, you’re bound to feel a bit awkward around others. You’ll be too self-conscious to let your guard down and be yourself. You’ll be too worried about what others are thinking about your height.

Once you become proud of your height, you’ll feel more confident about yourself and your height. You’ll feel like you can let your guard down and let others see the real you. And once you do that, you’ll feel like a brand new person with no insecurities holding you back.

Remind Yourself That Being Tall Is an Advantage

Being tall is an advantage, not a disadvantage. Being able to look over a crowd of people, seeing the stage at a concert, or even the road ahead while driving are all advantages that come with being tall.

You get to reach things on high shelves and save your back from having to bend at the knees. You can also see over crowds and make yourself easily noticed in public without having to step on anyone’s toes in the process.

Being tall is an advantage when it comes to sports too. Being taller than your competition actually gives you an advantage over them because you can block their path on the court or the field.

Don’t Fixate on What You Can’t Change

Being obsessively focused on how you wish you were shorter might seem like the logical thing to do but it won’t do you any good at all. You might wish you were shorter, but that doesn’t mean you can magically change your height. All this obsession will do is make you feel frustrated and sad. It will also make you feel more self-conscious about your height, which obviously isn’t good.

Find a Circle of Friends Who Understand You

If you’re lucky enough to find a group of friends who understand you and are also as tall as you are, you’re in for a treat. Having friends who understand your situation and feelings will go a long way in helping you feel confident about being tall.

Find a group of friends who feel the same way you do about being tall, and who also have other commonalities with you. This is sure to help you feel more confident around others and let your guard down so you can just be yourself with no insecurities in the way.

If you don’t know anyone else who is as tall as you are, try to find a group of outgoing and friendly people who don’t care about your height at all. Just remember to let your guard down and be yourself around these people – don’t try to act like someone you’re not.

Appreciate Your Height and Make the Most of It

Being tall means that you have a distinct advantage over others. So why not make use of that? Being a little bit more assertive and confident with your height will go a long way in making you feel better about it.

You can do this by standing up a little straighter, wearing clothing that makes you feel good about yourself, and walking with a spring in your step. You can also use your height to your advantage in social situations too.

You can lean in a little bit closer to the people you’re talking to, look them straight in the eye as you speak, and give them a firm handshake. All of these things will make people more comfortable around you.

Talk to Others about What They Love About Being Tall

Talking to people about what they love about being tall will help you become more confident about your height too. Just go up to people and ask them if they love being tall. This will be sure to open them up and make them feel comfortable talking to you about their feelings towards height.

People love talking about themselves and their feelings, so they’ll probably be more than happy to share with you too. This is a great way to become more confident about being tall. You’re bound to make some new friends in the process too.

Take Care of Your Body and Mind

Being tall often comes with health issues that are unique to tall people. You might occasionally have back pain, leg cramps, or other inconvenience caused by your height. You can reduce the chances of health issues arising by eating right, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep.

You can also wear special tall person gear to make your everyday life a little bit easier too, such as long tables and extra-long yoga mats. Knowing how to deal with your height also means taking care of your mental health. You have to be able to be confident in your skin and love yourself just the way you are.

You have to learn how to deal with negativity from people who don’t understand your height. You have to be able to let go of your insecurities about your height and be whom you want to be.

How to Deal With Being Tall In Social Situations

When You Are Dining Out With Friends

Being tall in a world where people are short can present some challenges when it comes to dining out. Looking for a table that is long enough to fit all of you comfortably is a must. If you don’t take this into account and just choose the first table you come across, you risk annoying the people around you by having to lean awkwardly over the table so you can reach your food.

Similarly, finding a booth that is long enough for you to stretch your legs is also a must. If you’re in a bind, you can always request a highchair at the table if there is no extra long table available.

When You Are in a School Environment

Thankfully, as a kid, you can go through school and not even notice how tall you are. The only issue is with finding the right desk and chair combination that fits you. Most desks are usually made for students of average height and will be too short for you.

There are a few things you can do to handle this issue. You can try to find a desk that is long enough for you to sit comfortably. Alternatively, you can get a special desk extension that will fit your height. Or, as a last resort, you can ask for a taller desk.

When You Go to the Gym

Being tall at the gym can be a bit of a nightmare. A lot of the machines and weight benches are set up for people of average height and shorter. This means that being tall and trying to use the same machines and benches will be incredibly uncomfortable. You can always approach a gym manager and ask them to adjust some of the equipment so you can use it comfortably.

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When You Are On a Date

Being tall and in a relationship can pose some interesting challenges. Finding tables and chairs to sit at in restaurants can be a bit of a challenge. If you want to show your date that you are considerate, finding a table or booth with extra long chairs will do the trick.

Not to mention the issue of finding the perfect car that has enough leg room for you while still fitting your date next to you. You can combat all of these issues by being considerate of them before the date takes place. Being prepared and proactive will go a long way in impressing your date.

You Might Just Find That Being Tall Is Your New Normal

Being tall is not something that you can change, so you might as well learn to accept it and make it your own. It doesn’t matter if you’re 5’3” or 6’3” – the only thing that matters is that you learn to love yourself and be confident in your skin.

Find ways to deal with being tall that make you feel good about yourself. Follow our tips and you’re sure to find that being tall is no longer a challenge – but instead, just your new normal.

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