Tall People Jokes For 2022

Tall People Jokes

Short people tend to be the target of many jokes. But if there are so many jokes about short people, there should be tall people jokes too. The truth is whether you’re short or tall, people will make fun of your height. That’s just the way it is.

People are born into this world and grow up to be either short, tall, or of average height. Unfortunately, no one can choose their own height. According to studies, how tall a person is, is greatly depending on their genetics, and other factors like nutrition and lifestyle.

But typically, tall parents give birth to tall children, and short parents give birth to short children. So, the height you are is not your fault but it doesn’t stop people from mocking you, especially if you’re a shorty.

Just for the fun of it, we’ve prepared some hilarious jokes about tall people including funny tall people jokes and puns, yo mama so tall jokes, you’re so tall jokes, mean tall people jokes. We also threw in some tall people jokes with comebacks.

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Funny Tall People Jokes and puns

Why do tall people always look well-rested?

“They sleep longer in bed.”

Why are tall people not to be trusted?

“Because they think they’re above everyone else.”

Why did the tall man not enter the graveyard?

“Because he wasn’t under 6 feet.”

Why couldn’t the tall man hang himself?

“Because he couldn’t find a ceiling high enough.”

A tall woman who looks like Al Gore’s wife walks into a bar. What does the bartender say?

“She looks like she’s a big Tipper.”

What are tall people most afraid of?

“Ceiling fans.”

How do you handle teaching a class with overly tall pupils?

“Go to a brighter room. Your pupils will get smaller.”

What do tall people do when they see an airplane coming?

“They duck.”

A name for a tall muscular Irishman with a temper?

“Liam Malone.”

Guess what the tall person said to the short person?


What’s a tall person?

“A tall person is where a group of people meet if someone gets lost in a crowded place.”

Why do tall women not paint their toenails?

“Because they’re too far away.”

You’re So Tall Jokes

You’re so tall, your barber needs to pack oxygen to cut your hair.

You’re so tall, people can only see your legs in your yearbook photo.

You’re so tall, I don’t need to come downstairs to shake your hand. I can do it from the balcony.

You’re so tall, I don’t need to hide my face to avoid you. I can walk right in front of you and you wouldn’t even notice.

You’re so tall, you took a step back and went to the other side of the world.

Yo Mama So Tall Jokes

Yo mama so tall, when she tripped in Ohio, she hit her head in Toronto.

Yo mama so tall, you can see her from anywhere.

Yo mama so tall, when she plays basketball, she has to squat to put the ball in the hoop.

Yo mama so tall, she wades in the ocean.

Yo mama so tall, she can only shower at Niagara Falls.

Mean Tall People Jokes

Why are most supermodels tall? It’s because if they can look good in an outfit, then anyone can.

Tall people look like human giraffes.

Tall people are only useful for two things: getting stuff from the top shelf and making us laugh.

What do you do for a living? Wait, don’t tell me, you’re a stay-at-home astronaut.

The tallest animal on the planet is the giraffe. But they’re pretty much futile.

I heard that tall people’s heights are God’s way of punishing them for their sins.

I Googled tall people and Google only showed me results for dumb people.

Tall People Jokes with Comebacks

The joke: “You’re so tall, even Shaq is a dwarf compared to you.”

The comeback: “Says the shrimp”

The joke: “How’s the atmosphere up there?”

The comeback: “It’s a lot brighter than the IQ you got down there.”

The joke: “You’re so tall, you hang your coats on the streetlight poles.”

The comeback: “The planet is my home; the streets are my closet.”

The joke: “You’re so tall, a ladder is useless to you.”

The comeback: “It must suck to hear everything I say after 10 seconds?”

The joke: “Yo mama so tall. Does she play basketball?”

The comeback: “Yo mama so short. Does she scrub floors?”

The joke: “You’re so tall, you can reach the stars.”

The comeback: “Yeah, if you’re nice, I might just throw a shooting star at you.”

The joke: “You’re so tall, I could bump into a pole while walking.”

The comeback: “You’ll have to speak up because I can’t hear you from up here.”

The joke: “You’re so tall, I could mistake you for a tree.”

The comeback: “Be careful I don’t trample you, shorty.

The joke: “You’re so tall, if you break our leg, you’ll need ladders for crutches.”

The comeback: “I don’t have time to waste on you. Life’s too short, just like you.”


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