Advantages Of Being A Tall Man – 8 Benefits Of Being A Tall Guy In 2022

Advantages Of Being A Tall Man

When you are a tall man, everything feels a little unfair in the world. From clothes to cars, everything is made for people of average height. When you are over six feet, it can be awkward and uncomfortable to navigate through the world around you. However, there are some advantages of being a tall man that balance things out.

Whether you’re a man or woman, height impacts the way people see you. Being tall gives you more advantages than disadvantages in life.

There are numerous pros of being a tall man that goes beyond just being able to see over everyone at concerts or being able to shop for clothes from high-end designers without worrying about whether something will fit or not. Sure, those things are nice and all but there are other benefits as well.

If you’re an aspiring tall man or just want to know more about what life is like for tall men, read on as we explore some of the advantages of being a tall man.

8 Advantages of Being a Tall Man

1. Society Seems To Admire Tall People

We all know that society is shallow but we don’t want to believe that we’re part of that. There are so many ads and media out there that exalts being tall. The fashion industry exalts being tall, the modeling industry exalts being tall, celebrities like being tall, and people admire being tall.

Being a tall man is like an instant ticket to the VIP in life. If you’re an aspiring model and you’re 6’6, you’ll probably get an agent because agencies are looking specifically for tall men. If you’re a basketball player, you’re automatically positioned to be a star in the game because you’re tall.

People appreciate tall men for many reasons. First and foremost, we’re living in a world that values more and more convenience. Getting things done quicker, finding better ways to do common tasks, etc. Products and services that allow us to do these things daily are valued more than ever before.

2. Tall Men Are Considered More Dominant By Society

Being tall is inherently associated with being dominant and powerful. Tall people are often seen as leaders and decision-makers in office or social settings. Because the idea of tall people being “bosses” is so inherent to our culture, being tall is a definite advantage in the workplace and social settings.

This is true especially if you’re a man since tall men are also seen as more attractive and are usually preferred by women. Overall, this is probably the biggest advantage that comes with being a tall person.

Being seen as a dominant person will open a lot of doors for you in life. You’ll be more likely to be chosen for leadership positions in organizations and sports teams. It will also make you more attractive to potential partners, employers, and clients. This will help you in business and your career since people are likely to see you as someone who can take charge and make good decisions.

3. Tall Men Are More Likely to Be Successful Professionally

When you’re tall, doors are more likely to open for you when it comes to a career path. Employers are drawn to tall people because they are likely to be associated with success. This is especially true if you’re a man.

This is because, as we mentioned before, society associates height with power and dominance which are crucial to being seen as successful. Both men and women are likely to be more successful if they are taller than the average person.

This is because tall people are perceived as having more authority, intelligence, and social skill than their shorter counterparts. This leads to more success in the workplace and life in general.

4. Women Love Tall Men

Women are often attracted to tall men. This is because of the same reasons we mentioned above. Women associate tallness with power, confidence, and success – all things women look for in a partner. This is especially true if the woman you are trying to attract is shorter than you.

There is something almost instinctive about women being attracted to taller men. This is because shorter women often feel less confident and a bit more vulnerable. When they are with a tall man, they feel protected and safe.

This is a bit of an unfair advantage, but tall men should take advantage of it as much as possible. There are plenty of benefits to being a tall man, but attracting more women is definitely one of the biggest ones.

5. Tall Men Have More Options When It Comes To Dating

When you’re a shorter man, it can be difficult to get dates. Women usually prefer men who are taller than they are. If you’re a shorter, attractive man, you can forget about dating for the most part.

However, if you’re a tall man, this is not the case. There are plenty of women out there who are willing to date or even marry a tall man. This is because women who are attracted to short men don’t want to date them. They just want to date someone who is their height or taller.

This means that tall single men have a lot more choices when it comes to dating. You can date women who are shorter than you or women who are your height. If you’re short, you don’t have this choice. You’re limited to dating women who are your height or shorter.

6. Confidence Comes With Tallness

Tall men are often stereotyped as being confident. While there are certainly some men who are both tall and confident, it’s not always the case. When someone is tall, they are often perceived as being strong, powerful, and confident.

This helps tall men because they can use this perception to their advantage. This means that you don’t have to try as hard as shorter people to come across as confident and intelligent. This is a huge advantage that tall people have over shorter people.

If you’re a business owner and you want to seem more authoritative, if you want to help a customer feel more comfortable, if you want to seem more confident in yourself, being a tall man could make it easier for you to do all of those things.

7. Tall Men Have a Natural Fitness Advantage

Being tall naturally predisposes you to be in better shape. If you’re 6’3 or 6’4, the chances are you’ll be able to eat more than a person who is 5’6 or 5’7 and still maintain a healthy weight. Not only can you eat more, but you’ll also burn more calories because you’re taller.

Being tall also gives you more room to move around. Tall people often have naturally larger frames which makes them able to move around easier than shorter people. This is in part because they have shorter strides and longer legs.

This means that they can move around easier and more efficiently than shorter people who have longer strides and shorter legs. This means you can do movements like squats or lunges with proper form, which can help you burn more calories quicker. You can lift heavier weights, build muscle, and also become stronger.

Tall people also have a natural fitness advantage because they can reach higher items such as boxes, shelves, and cupboards easier than shorter people. Other things like climbing a rope are easier for tall people as well. This means that you don’t have to be as careful about your fitness routine as a shorter person does.

8. You Can Be an Excellent Athlete

If you’re an aspiring athlete or just want to add more cardio to your workout routine, being a tall man can help you excel in sports. If you’re playing a sport like basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, swimming, etc., being tall can help you excel.

Being tall is also helpful if you’re playing a sport like tennis or badminton. Tennis and badminton rackets are designed for people who are 5’8 or above. If you’re taller than that, you can play with a larger and more effective racket.

Being tall comes with its own set of disadvantages, but there are also a lot of advantages to being tall. From being able to eat more to being able to excel in more sports, being tall can give you an advantage in many ways.


Being tall has its advantages, but it’s also important to remember that being tall doesn’t mean everything will come easy in life. Tall people have to deal with things that normal-sized people don’t. From finding clothes that fit to dealing with being hit on by strangers.

Being tall definitely has its advantages, but it also comes with its fair share of disadvantages too. But the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Being a tall man means that you have the potential to be healthier, more confident, successful, and more athletic. If you’re a tall man, you have a lot going for you and should definitely take advantage of it!

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